Film / Television Producers and Fixers in Zambia

MYSTIC PICTURES is a registered Zambian Film Production Company and a member of Cape Film Commission of South Africa. We work with international Film and Television crew around the Globe.

The Production house is  afflited with the National Arts Council of Zambia and it's crew members are accredited with the Zambia National Information Services.


 Services includes;

                                              PRODUCTION FIXERS

We are able to arrange Shooting Permits and set up shoots for Crew coming from out side Zambia and africa, then provide a Fixer to be with the Crew during the shoot in Zambia, Ethiopia and other Southern African Countries.We also make sure that Permits for the shooting equipment is available for any gear coming into Zambia or any African country without any problems.

We also do pre-production.


Mystic Pictures also do Filming for international Orgnizations  who seeks footage from Zambia. We work on HD and DV formats ( PAL or NTSC ).


We also do Off-line Editing with our creative Editors working on Avid.

                                                        ELECTRONIC NEWS GATHERING ( ENG )

We also provide ENG services in Zambia  to international media houses. This include News / Current Affairs from start to finish and deliver the product to the clien's F.T.P.



Alternative Email:

Phone: +260 955 558 259

             +260 976 851 420

Fax      : 0803761003

PS: It has come to our attention that some websites on the internet are coping our information from this site and paste it on theirs and what they are doing  is just change contact information. We strongly advise that whenever you are engaging them to provide production fixing services, please make sure to ask them about their contactable referees as well because production fixing is not a game of chance as it may mess your production and you realize when it's too late !!